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1st November 2023
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A Dynamic Force with a Global Perspective

Introducing Lynn Moses: A Dynamic Force with a Global Perspective


Meet Lynn Moses, a seasoned professional whose life journey has woven through 34 relocations, spanning 4 European countries and 14 states in the US – a journey that might just reveal a touch of Gypsy spirit. Lynn's diverse background has shaped her into an individual with a wealth of experiences and a unique perspective on life.


With an impressive 15-year track record as a Real Estate agent and Property Manager, Lynn brings a wealth of expertise to the table. Her professional journey, however, extends beyond the realm of real estate. Lynn's career has been a rich tapestry, featuring roles as an international consultant, business trainer, and teacher. This multifaceted background has endowed her with a rare set of skills and insights, making her a true asset in any professional setting.


Lynn's strengths lie in her ability to break down complex projects into manageable tasks, navigate intricate negotiations with finesse, and bring order to seemingly chaotic situations. Her knack for turning challenges into opportunities sets her apart as a dynamic force in the professional arena.


As the mother of three, Lynn understands the importance of creating a nurturing and enriching environment for her family. This consideration played a pivotal role in her decision to make Marbella her home. Drawn by the allure of excellent international schools and a desire to escape the harsh Polish winters, Lynn has seamlessly integrated into the vibrant community of Marbella.


Join us in welcoming Lynn Moses, a professional with a global perspective, to our team. With her wealth of experiences and unwavering determination, Lynn is poised to make a lasting impact and contribute significantly to our shared success.

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